Slartibartfast (otherlleft) wrote in hatecrimetalk,

Iraqi Killings

Some of you may have read this post already. This is an interesting case. Technically the police did not commit a crime, much less a hate crime - these are the gray areas of "human rights violations" where we disagree with the horrible behavior of people in other countries but can't do a whole lot about it.

It's not surprising, since Iraq has a lot of history in the area of killing people for belonging to one category or another. I don't know if they stone single mothers like they do in Nigeria, but with or without Saddam Hussein the Iraqis are completely willing to terminate your rights if you violate their sensibilities, be it through behavior, appearance, or language.

Maybe the term "hate crime" isn't used broadly enough. Maybe we need to recognize that hate is a driving force in almost all forms of violence.
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