Slartibartfast (otherlleft) wrote in hatecrimetalk,

Day of Silence

The Day of Silence is a student protest designed to draw attention to the bullying of students for reasons of orientation and the like. It occurs in schools, and didn't exist when I was a student. I probably would not have participated anyway, being that I was fearful as a student. I was not in fear of literal physical punishment; rather, I feared that rejection of my peers that I was certain would occur were I to be revealed as not being heterosexual. For me, the bullying did not need to manifest to be real in my mind.

I'm interested in knowing if anyone has participated in, or plans to participate in, the Day of Silence, and if that participation was based upon a personal experience with bigotry or hatred, or perhaps with the experience of someone close to you. What was the reaction of others to your silence? Would you do it again?
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